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Ring 2b M&M In Hand 010517

Apologies for our not being able to photograph every class, unfortunately owing to illness we were a short a photographer on site. If you cannot see your class listed it is because we did not photograph in that class.
Championship Classes 315 to 320 portfolio Cls 315 Lrg Breed Yrl C&D Con Dale Fell NF & High portfolio Cls 316 Sml Breed Yrl A&B Dart Ex & Shetl portfolio
Cls 317Lrg Breed 2 or 3yo C&D Con Fell Dale NF & High portfolio Cls 318 Sml2 or 3yo A&B Dart EX & Shetl portfolio Cls 320 Sml Breed 4yo & Over A&B Dart Ex & Shetl portfolio